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Happy Bathrooms!


5 tips for Keeping your Bathroom Bacteria-free

With the festive season here, it is necessary to do a quick spring clean before guests arrive for your annual house gathering.

Posted on Jan 21,2019

4 Expert-Approved Kitchen Trends to Try in 2019

Kitchen trends are constantly shifting and evolving—remember when all-white kitchens were a thing?—and predictions for 2019 kitchen trends (and all kinds of big design trends of 2019)

Posted on Dec 17,2018

Is Your Bathroom Really As Clean As You Think?

Visiting the bathroom is an everyday matter and being careless about bathroom hygiene may be hazardous to health. From the bacteria lurking on door knobs.

Posted on Nov 19,2018
Color to the Bath

3 Easy Ways to Add Color to the Bath

So the kids want to make a mess, and you’ve hit your cleaning quota for the day? Bring it to the bath. The marketing minds at Parents magazine gave us these genius ideas for letting kids.

Posted on Oct 29,2018
Kitchen Faucet

Have a Healthy Kitchen Faucet!

Your kitchen tap and sink are often exposed to heat and cold as well as bases, grease or acids. . Maintaining your kitchen faucets can be tough due to the high frequency of usage but not anymore.

Posted on Oct 15,2018
Hair Loss

Special Shower for hair loss.

Hair loss certainly has an effect on the way people look—the loss of the hairline, results in a more aged appearance. This dramatically affects the way people see themselves.

Posted on Oct 16,2018
Wash Basins

8 Types of Wash Basins to suit your bathroom.

Bathrooms have a way of refreshing and relaxing you, especially after a hard day at work. Why not add a little bit more elegance to your bathroom by upgrading your regular wash-basin with a sophisticated and stylish one from Aquant.

Posted on Oct 14,2018